Who are we?

A team of young, passionate and visionary people. 


With a handful of experience and passion to be the best in the industry, in late 2020, a team of young, passionate and visionary people started bymoar.com as a site where they find fun and unique products and have the best customer support. 


With a mission to provide the best products with the best quality and the best of service to our customers. Our goal now is to position MOAR as the online service leader, and, our journey has only just begun. 


Our hard work resulted in an overwhelming response from our customers, we are now working on expanding our product line and delivering an even better customer experience than we already do!


Vision & Culture


Our values are important to us as fair business experts predict a promising and glorious future of e-commerce in the 21st century. In the foreseeable future, e-commerce will further confirm itself as a major tool of sale. 


At MOAR, we believe that e-commerce has brought the world closer. 


Online transactions with soon take over traditional retail. Customers will prefer a wide range of choices with the best quality and price. 


We set our core fundamental values accordingly and they have been inherent and are an integral part of our company policy. These values and our hard work are the reason for our fast growth. 


Our values are important to us as a Fair Business. We sincerely believe and follow them. It's our goal to be the world's most customer-centric company, where customers can find, discover & shop the latest trendy & innovative products at bymoar.com. 



MOAR - The name that you can trust 


We take pride — individually and collectively— in the quality of our work the advanced processes we use, the products and services we provide, and in the recognized and validated the efficacy of our continuous improvement program.


We take pride in meeting selected customer needs ahead of our competition. 


We take pride in achieving and sustaining levels of financial returns as a measure, beyond the numbers, of the value our customers agree we create. 


With a wide range of quality products, well-trained customer care team efficient and prompt service, free & timely delivery, MOAR is indeed the name that you can trust!